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May 4, 2015

KARK News & The Centers For Public Integrity’s news story featuring AANHR President, Martha Deaver’s advocacy.

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CONWAY, AR–Martha Deaver’s office sits at the end of a gallery of photographs of her grandchildren on the second floor of a neat and cozy home nestled in a residential neighborhood in Conway, Arkansas.

Against one wall are yellow signs that look like oversized place mats with green letters urging people to “protect the rights of nursing home residents” that have appeared at annual rallies at the state capitol for the past dozen years. Elsewhere in the room stands a small wooden elephant, trunk raised as if ready to emit a roar. Near the entrance is a framed puzzle put together by a nursing home resident of a young woman with dark eyeshadow, a rose dangling from her mouth.

Deaver’s sturdy desk contains pictures of her receiving an award from the nation’s largest nursing homes advocacy group and shaking hands with then-FBI director Robert Muller-reminders of the national recognition she has earned in the past 10 years.

It is at the desk that Deaver has, for decades, requested inspection reports from government officials, fielded calls from whistleblower employees, counseled family members, cajoled lawyers, hectored legislators, said “Let me say this” countless times, and fought with every fiber of her being to educate the public and protect nursing home residents who often literally have no voice.

But if the desk is the office’s nerve center, its emotional heart is a stand-alone, framed black and white portrait of Helen Steger, Deaver’s mother.

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Man Says Lack of Care at White Hall Nursing Home Contributed to Mother’s Death – KARK 4 News

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PINE BLUFF, AR – A Jefferson County man says the nursing home he trusted with his mother’s care contributed to the 73-year-old woman’s early demise. He believes complications from a lack of care have kept her from being alive today, and he wants to tell others what he wish he would have known.

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March 3, 2015

Little Rock Teen Dies: Brookside Nursing Home cited four years in a row for deadly bedsores.

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This is a devastating case I was contacted about. If you go to AANHR’s face book page, you can also hear a radio interview…..Martha

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Shocking OIG Government Report Released Last Year

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One Third of Skilled Nursing Residents Harmed in Treatment. Twenty thousand nursing home residents suffered harm and 1,500 died in a one month period.

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February 19, 2015

Part IV: How data-driven journalism revealed racial disparities in U.S. nursing homes

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AANHR was proud to work for over a year with Jeff Lowenstein & The Centers for Public Integrity in educating the public about the nursing home industry…

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January 15, 2015

Part III: Racial Disparity in Nursing Homes

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Nursing Homes Project,
Part III

This story exposes the racial disparities in registered nurse care levels in facilities across the country.
We looked into a series of variables about the residents, the area where the home was located and the market concentration to try to explain.
None fully did.

You can see it at the following address:

Part II: HUD – National Nursing Homes Project

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Below is the link to National Project Part 11. It exposes the hundreds of nursing homes across the country that since 2009 have received low-cost, HUD-guaranteed mortgages right after having the lowest possible quality rating from the federal government.

The value of these loans is nearly $2 billion. We dug deeper and found that close to 30 percent of these facilities received a previous HUD-backed loan since 2001. The value of those was an additional $530.

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Part I: Data compiled for Medicare shows lower levels of care than website for consumers

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This is the first part of the three-part series written by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein.
It includes a lookup table where you can find information about total staffing and  for more than 10,400 nursing homes throughout the country and downloadable data.
The next two parts of the series are slated to run on Nov. 13 and Nov. 17.


Some of the key findings:


Key findings:


  • More than 80 percent of nursing homes are reporting higher levels of registered nurse care to a government-run website for consumers than are reflected in their reports to Medicare.
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services was supposed to start using more accurate data for nursing home staffing reports by March 2012 — that hasn’t happened, and might not for another two years.
  • Studies show that the amount of care, especially by registered nurses, is strongly connected to the quality of care.
  • Eight of the 10 states with the largest levels of reporting discrepancies are in the South.

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December 11, 2014

Effort To Curtail Use Of Antipsychotic Drugs In Nursing Homes

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AANHR President, Martha Deaver, speaks out about the overuse of unauthorized Antipsychotic drugs on nursing home residents:

NPR story on the over drugging of nursing home residents…Nursing homes drug residents to keep from hiring staff. The industries biggest expense.

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DHS reports document that the repercussion are that nursing home residents die from, over drugging (over dose) malnutrition, infections, dehydration, falls, bed sores, impactions, and more, because of this illegal practice.

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